Digital Readout consoles 2 and 3 axis and 4 axis

DRO console

Also available to Upgrade from any other make of console.

Scales and full systems for every type of machine

From 120mm to 3000mm scales on stock ready forsame day shipping.

5 micron and 10 micron available from stock

Linear Scales

Goodwin Power Feeds ideal direct replacements for Bridgeport Type Vertical milling machines.

The high torque power feeds come with auto stops rapid overide and full fitting kits we have a fitting video available.

Adaptor shafts available to upgrade from older Bridgeport feed units.

SBS 410S powoer feed Prices are from £240.00 plus vat

We also have Align power feeds from £285 plus vat 

Adaptor shafts are £40 plus vat - or will need an adaptor shaft if you have an older style Bridgeport power feed unit.

Total price with adaptor shaft is £280 plus vat

Power Feed Options

Power Feed

Machine Lights available in 110v and 24v Price £55.00 plus vat

LED Machine lights are £78 plus vat and available in 110v and 240v

Light Options

Machine Lights

Coolant Pump Price £115 plus vat Suitable for Bridgeport Milling machine and Colchester Lathes including Colchester Mascot and Mastiff - 415 v 3 phase 3 phase as standard.

The pump will also change to 220v 3phase. (for those with single phase convertors) 50HZ - 1/8 hp - 150mm stem length there is a 3/8 bsp thread connector

Any help needed with the wiring or pump installation please don't hesitate to call.

Pump Options
Coolant Pump

Coolant Pump with filter Price £130 plus vat

Suitable for Bridgeport Milling machine and Colchester Lathes

Coolant Pump Filter
Bridgeport Milling machine coolant tray.

Machine Guard Price £150 plus vat shipping is £14.00 plus vat

Suitable for Bridgeport Milling machine and all Bridgeport style machines.

This coolant tray has the same dimensions as the original but is steel construction making it more robust in the workshop environment.

Steel Coolant Tray

Coolant Tray

Coolant Tray

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