Machine Sales of Rebuilt Bridgeport Milling machines

Fully Rebuilt machines - available from £8800 plus vat - includes the Goodwin 2 axis DRO system and X axis power feed.

Bridgeport Rebuilt

  • Table 42” by 9” in stunning reground condition
  • Travel 620mm by 300mm
  • Head will spin upto 180 degrees
  • Head will tilt upto 45 degrees
  • Ram Will Move out upto 10 inches
  • Spindle Taper is R8
  • All Spindle chip guards have E stop interlock (An option that must be fitted)
  • Coolant system comes with new / refurbished pump and new infeed and outfeed pipes
  • Power required is 415v 3 phase and will run just fine from 16amp supply

The Goodwin DRO system comes with a 2 Year warranty

Fully rebuils - Brand new X and Y axis powerfeeds

These rebuilt machines are completely stripped down to component parts and all parts that need replacing will be replaced with brand new items
The XY axis and table are reground by the best Slideway grinding regrind company in the UK.
Note: All belts and bearings are replaced as standard including the Knee bearings and the Quill super precision spindle bearings. On all reground machines the XY axis leadscrews and nuts are always replaced.
All parts are painted individually with an original colour super hard wearing Bridgeport Blue grey enamel paint.
All machines are fully tested for days before passing as a beautiful finished machine.

We often will accept part exchange but it will need to be a Bridgeport Variable speed in part ex.


  • Machine guard upgrade £220 plus vat fitted or Techno Piu super guard £590 plus vat
  • DRO upgrade to 3 axis £220 plus vat fitted
  • Quill monitor – giving a 4 axis summing system £380 plus vat fitted. (This can be added at any time in the future because its very easy to fit.)
  • Machine light LED £120 fitted
  • Y axis power feed £550 plus vat fitted
  • Z axis power feed £550 plus vat fitted
  • Set of Qty 19- R8 collets £98 plus vat
  • Machine vice 150mm wide with swivel base £170 plus vat
  • Air operated power draw bar £550 plus vat fitted
The machine shown above has almost all the options added.

Bridgeport Lube system fully Rebuilt

Bridgeport delivery:

Standard Delivery ( is based on you being able to offload the machine from a low trailer with a suitable fork truck or overhead crane. )
This charge covers delivery up to 100miles from our factory. Please call us to discuss if distance greater than that.
Alternatively, delivery by Hiab equipped specialist machine mover wagon is also available - we can also quote to position the machine inside your factory but we would need to see the access and internal route.

Please email or use the site contact form providing your details/location or call by phone to discuss further.

Bridgeport Vari Speed head and Quill rebuilt

Our rebuild process

We begin the rebuild by completely stripping down the whole machine to its component parts.
Note: All bearings within the entire machine are replaced as standard with NSK or SFK bearings, this includes the spindle (Super precision) and Knee bearings.
All parts are inspected and anything with unacceptable wear is always replaced,
On all rebuilt machines with reground beds we always replace with brand new XY axis leadcsrews and a double nut system.
All belts are replaced as standard in the heads.

Regrind process

The re-grinding process is carried out by the best slideway regrind company in the UK and they regrind the XY saddle the top of the knee and then the table. The table gets the bottom done first, then to ensure it is still square the top of the table and the 2 side are also reground. All the gibs are then turcited and scraped back in.
Once all the parts have been prepared for re assembly we paint every piece individually with original Bridgeport colour Blue/grey enamel paint. We use enamel to ensure it is very hard wearing and so will look good for years to come.
Brand new X and Y power feeds

During the rebuild process we keep as close as possible to the original Bridgeport specification .

For example if the lube system has been changed for the newer and not better black pipe which has to smaller a bore, we remove this and put back the original clear pipe with a bigger bore. The clear pipe allows you to see the lube flow. This will reduce wear and ensure your investment will stay accurate and productive your years to come. When we purchase a new Z axis leadscrew it doesn't come with the original oil ports so we will re drill the deep oil port. This ensures good oil flow to your new Z axis leadscrew and Nut and thus ensuring good longevity of the machine. GTPrecision digitalreadout.jpg