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Technical Information:  

Digital Readout        

DRO2 Features
         M/I: MM/Inches conversion
         Radius/ Diameter selection
         Linear error compensation
         Machine Reference
         9 Tool compensation
         200 work piece datum 
         Power off memory

Main Technical Parameters


  • Input Voltage and Hz: AC 80V~260V, 50HZ~ 60 HZ

  • Power Consumption: 25VA

  • Display: 7 digits display with plus/minus sign and decimal point together with information window

  • Input signal: TTL

  • Input Signal Hz: >100 KHz

  • Resolution of length: 5um/1um/2um/10um

  • Operating Keyboard: Pressure Sensitive Key Pad

  • Linear Scale: Pitch is 0.02 mm; Supply Power is +5V; Output is two TTL waves with difference of 90 (with zero signal) and current is 50 mA (precision 1 um, 5um and 10 um)

Basic Functions

  • Zero Reset;

  • Preset;

  • Inch/mm Conversation;

  • ABS/INC Coordinate Conversation/200 Groups Coordinate Display;

  • Non-Volatile Memory (data retained in event of power loss)

  • Linear Error Compensation;

  • Sleep Switch;

  • 200 Points Auxiliary Zero;

  • Automatic Recognition and Storage of Scale Zero Reference Point

Special Functions of Mill DRO

  • Bore in Oblique Line;

  • Bore PCD Circle;

  • Simple Calculator;

  • Corner Chamfer Calculation;

  • Inside Outside Profile Function;

  • Tool Diameter Compensation;

  • Chamfer on Z axis Function;


DRO scales
Linear Precision Glass Scales Features
High Precision Etched glass Resolution : 5um (0.005mm).0002 inch
Grating pitch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)
Accuracy: 0.005 mm or 0.0002" (at 20 deg C)
Reference marks at interval of 50mm
Response Speed: 60m/min or 40ins/sec
Cable length: Armoured 3 M





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