Goodwin Digital readout

Great Colchester Master lathe and Colchester Student lathe with Digital readout fitted in detail below.

Digital Readout

Goodwin DRO


2 year warranty


Colchester Master 2500 LatheColchester Master 2500 Lathe with Digital Readout and Colchester Student

Goodwin 2 axis Lathe digital readout console

X axis 270mm scale (thin Profile) Z axis 670mm scale both with scale covers included. Both glass linear scales come as standard with 5 micron resolution.

Colchester Bantam specific fitting kit and fitting instructions, manuals and warranty. Price is only 355 plus vat we accept all types, everything is on stock and ready for same day shipping



Colchester Student and Master in great detail below.

Colchester Master lathe

Colchester Master

Colchester Mster Cross slide

Colchester Master

Colchester Master

Colchester Master

In the Picture below you can see the Qty2 backing bars included in the Kit.

Colchester Master

Each end of the scale is slotted to allow final easy clocking with the DTI.

Colchester Master

X axis reader head

Pictures above and below show the assembly of the brackets to hold the X axis reader head

Z axis brackets

The Z axis reader head is attached from the Bottom with QTY 2 - M4 Socket caps

Z axis reader head




The Pictures below show where to place the DTI when clocking of course we carried this process out before fixing the reader head. This isn't a Master shown in the pictures below.

Colchester Bantam

This picture shows where to position the Dial test indicator when clocking the horizontal and again we carried this process out before attaching the reader head to its final position. This isn't a master shown in the picture below.

Colchester Bantam



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