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Retro Fit Consoles

We have brand new 2 and 3 axis consoles that plug straight into your old scales ( All DRO Makes)!

Before the consoles leave our factory we set them up to suit your old scales. So when they arrive you can just plug and play.

You can buy a console for a fraction of the OEM price and have it shipped same day ready to get you back in the production next day.

Compare the new console features with your old and imagine the amazing production benifits.

Call Darren now +44(0)151 608 8666 for latest prices and support or email

.Replacment console

  • Advanced Electronic Technology;

  • High Speed Count;

  • Full Trigonometric Functions, Sine and Cosine Tan are Inbuilt;

  • Multiple Memories;

  • Zero Point Reference;

  • Rugged Die Cast Aluminium Case with Power Coated Finish;

  • Durable Keyboard for all Functions;

  • All Counters Supplied with Mounting Bracket.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Input Voltage and Hz: AC 80V~260V, 50HZ~ 60 HZ

  • Power Consumption: 25VA

  • Display: 7 digits display with plus/minus sign and decimal point together with information window

  • Input signal: TTL

  • Input Signal Hz: >100 KHz

  • Resolution of length: 5um/1um

  • Operating Keyboard: Pressure Sensitive Key Pad

  • Linear Scale: Pitch is 0.02 mm; Supply Power is +5V; Output is two TTL waves with difference of 90ï‚° (with zero signal) and current is 50 mA (precision 1 um, 5um and 10 um)

Basic Functions

  • Zero Reset;

  • Preset;

  • Inch/mm Conversation;

  • ABS/INC Coordinate Conversation/200 Groups Coordinate Display;

  • Non-Volatile Memory (data retained in event of power loss)

  • Linear Error Compensation;

  • Sleep Switch;

  • 200 Points Auxiliary Zero;

  • Automatic Recognition and Storage of Scale Zero Reference Point

Special Functions of Mill DRO

  • Bore in Oblique Line;

  • Bore PCD Circle;

  • Simple Calculator;

  • Corner Chamfer Calculation;

  • Inside Outside Profile Function;

  • Tool Diameter Compensation;

  • Chamfer on Z axis Function;




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